Monica Billger

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Assembly of brain microtubule proteins isolated from the Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua, was found to be much less sensitive to colchicine than assembly of bovine brain microtubules, which was completely inhibited by low colchicine concentrations (10 microM). The degree of disassembly by colchicine was also less for cod microtubules. The lack of colchicine(More)
The immunohistochemical distribution of microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2), being normally restricted to nerve cell bodies and dendrites, became altered in rat dorsal root ganglia and spinal cord neurons in cultures infected with rhesus rotavirus. MAP2 appeared in axons of both sources of neurons as displayed with monoclonal antibodies to MAP2a + b and(More)
Virtual Reality (VR) has great potential to become a usable design tool for the planning of light and colour in buildings. However, the complex interaction between light and objects makes the problem of lighting scenes a central conceptual and practical problem of computer graphics. This paper aims at discussing the problem of translating reality to its(More)
Microtubules from neural tissues of the Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua, and of several species of Antarctic teleosts are composed of tubulin and several microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs), one of which has an apparent molecular weight of approximately 400-430 kDa. Because its apparent molecular weight exceeds those of the MAP 1 proteins, we designate this(More)
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