Monica Bianchini

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Although the interest of a Web page is strictly related to its content and to the subjective readers' cultural background, a measure of the page authority can be provided that only depends on the topological structure of the Web. PageRank is a noticeable way to attach a score to Web pages on the basis of the Web connectivity. In this article, we look inside(More)
Learning from examples plays a central role in artificial neural networks. The success of many learning schemes is not guaranteed, however, since algorithms like backpropagation may get stuck in local minima, thus providing suboptimal solutions. For feedforward networks, optimal learning can be achieved provided that certain conditions on the network and(More)
Motion Coordination for VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicles develops new control design techniques for the distributed coordination of a team of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles. In particular, it provides new control design approaches for the attitude synchronization of a formation of rigid body systems. In addition, by integrating new control design(More)
Many researchers have recently focused their efforts on devising efficient algorithms, mainly based on optimization schemes, for learning the weights of recurrent neural networks. As in the case of feedforward networks, however, these learning algorithms may get stuck in local minima during gradient descent, thus discovering sub-optimal solutions. This(More)
Localizing faces in images is a difficult task, and represents the first step towards the solution of the face recognition problem. Moreover, devising an effective face detection method can provide some suggestions to solve similar object and pattern detection problems. This paper presents a novel approach to the solution of the face localization problem(More)
We have conducted a randomized trial which investigated the ability of dietary changes (in particular diets rich in cruciferous vegetables and flavonoids), to increase urinary antimutagenicity and inhibit DNA damage in smokers. Ninety heavy smokers were recruited and randomly assigned to three groups, and were given three different diets. The first diet was(More)
Gradient descent learning algorithms may get stuck in local minima, thus making the learning suboptimal. In this paper, we focus attention on multilayered networks used as autoassociators and show some relationships with classical linear autoassociators. In addition, by using the theoretical framework of our previous research, we derive a condition which is(More)
Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) are a powerful tool for processing graphs, that represent a natural way to collect information coming from several areas of science and engineering — e.g. data mining, computer vision, molecular chemistry, molecular biology, pattern recognition —, where data are intrinsically organized in entities and relationships(More)