Monica Beshara

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The present study quantitatively explored the effects of mothers' perceived time pressure, as well as meal-related variables including mothers' convenience orientation and meal preparation confidence, on the healthiness of evening meals served to school-aged children (5-18 years old) over a 7-day period. A sample of 120 employed mothers, who identified(More)
Serving size is a modifiable determinant of energy consumption, and an important factor to address in the prevention and treatment of obesity. The present study tested an hypothesised negative association between individuals' everyday mindfulness and self-reported serving size of energy dense foods. The mediating role of mindful eating was also explored. A(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate women's use, knowledge of and attitudes toward self-administered emergency contraceptive pills (ECP) at the University of Pennsylvania family planning clinic (FPC). STUDY DESIGN The University of Pennsylvania FPC is a Title X, publicly funded clinic serving urban, low-income women. All women attending the clinic were offered ECP(More)
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