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i To my parents ii iii Acknowledgements Acknowledgements First I would like to thank Prof. Luís Correia for having supervised this work. His knowledge, discipline, availability, and support are unique. I also would like thank him for everything that does not fit into this thesis, from all the mobile communications know-how I earned, to professional and(More)
Acknowledgements First of all, I would like to thank Prof. Luís Correia for giving me this opportunity to share his knowledge and learn from it. I thank him not only for his singular professional orientation, but also for his constant help, advice and sharing of knowledge, which became a reference along this period. And the dedicated and disciplined(More)
The application of multivariate curve resolution-alternating least squares (MCR-ALS) to the quantitative analysis of different metal ion mixtures using voltammetric data is described. The performance of MCR-ALS was evaluated in the resolution and quantitation of overlapped voltammetric peaks obtained in the analysis of binary and quaternary mixtures of(More)
Space-time autoregressive moving average models may be used for time series measured at the same times in a number of locations. In this paper we propose a recursive algorithm for estimating space-time autoregressive (AR) models. We also propose an information criterion for estimating the model order, and prove its strong consistency. The methods are(More)
— In the scope of the monIT Project, it was found that fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps are also important sources of radiation. More than increasing EMF levels in a particular environment, the radiation from ballasts may cause electronic interference with other devices. Two different lamps are analysed, in terms of both their radiated frequency(More)
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