Monica Anselmi

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The extreme variability of clinical and MRI findings in the suspicion of Devic's disease always requires the detection of specific antibodies (AQP4). MRI scans were performed with a high-field MRI scanner (1.5T General Electric Signa Horizon): the MRI protocol of the brain employed axial DP, T2, T1, FLAIR and DWI weighted images (wi) and coronal T2-wi.(More)
Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) is a rare rapidly progressive demyelinating disease of the central nervous system caused by reactivation of latent John Cunningham (JC) polyomavirus (JCV) infection. We describe an unusual case of PML in a 54-year-old patient with follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma who received rituximab plus cyclophosphamide,(More)
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory CNS disease characterized by multifocal areas of demyelination; usually it arises in young adults, but can also occur in children (under the age of 10) and adolescents (under the age of 18). As in adult, pediatric MS (PMS) diagnosis is based on the demonstration of multiple demyelination episodes separated in time(More)
Subjects with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) present a diminished or blunted emotional response, sometimes called "emotional numbing" (EN), that constitutes one of the central symptoms in PTSD. Symptoms of EN include diminished interest in activities, feeling detached or estranged from others, and restricted range of affect (American Psychiatric(More)
  • A Angheben, Andrea Angheben@sacrocuore, M Mascarello, G Zavarise, F Gobbi, G Monteiro +6 others
  • 2008
We describe an outbreak of trichinellosis in Verona, Italy, in early 2008 that was imported from Romania. Trichinellosis is a cosmopolitan zoonotic disease caused by a nematode of the genus Trichinella. The main source of human infection is consumption of raw or undercooked meat (especially from pig, wild boar and horse). The symptoms vary with the amount(More)
  • Cecilia Bossa, Relatore Alfredo Di, Nola, Docenti Esaminatori, bullet D Roccatano, I Daidone +19 others
  • 2005
excitation of native fluctuations during thermal unfolding simulations: horse heart cytochrome c, a case study. Biophys. Conformational fluctuations and electronic properties in myoglobin. A. Di Nola. Extended molecular dynamics simulation of the carbon monoxide migration in sperm whale myoglobin. Biophys. A. Di Nola. Molecular dynamics simulations of sperm(More)
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