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OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of new technology on nurse workflow, nurses at 2 hospitals were observed before and after implementation of an electronic medication charting system. In part 1 (September 2010 issue), we discussed the chaotic nature of nurse activities and its implications on transforming workflow. BACKGROUND Numerous studies have documented(More)
The adhesive glycoprotein fibronectin provides anchorage for fibroblasts and hematopoietic progenitor cells in vitro. Fibronectin also demonstrates growth factor activity for fibroblasts; however, there is no available information regarding its role as a hematopoietic growth factor. To distinguish growth factor activity of fibronectin from its anchorage(More)
Peripheral blood cytopenias are a serious, dose-limiting toxicity of AZT therapy in patients infected by HIV. To evaluate the mechanism by which cytopenias develop, AZT effects of haematopoietic differentiation and growth were measured in serum-free, nucleoside-depleted cultures of normal human bone marrow. In contrast to native thymidine, AZT suppressed(More)
We have investigated the role of contractile proteins of circulating mononuclear cells in generation of membrane-associated, erythroid growth regulatory molecules. Lymphocytes and monocytes were incubated under serum-free conditions without and with cytochalasin B, cytochalasin D, or colchicine, and effects on positive and negative erythropoietic activities(More)
Endothelial cells are a known source of hematopoietic growth-enhancing factors, including platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF). In addition, endothelium interacts directly with plasma lipoproteins which have been shown to modulate hematopoiesis. To determine the relationship of these properties, we measured the release of an erythroid growth-enhancing(More)
We discuss two viewpoints of potential interactive alignment, socially facilitated priming and socially facilitated novelty, and test them by using simulated online conversation. In a computer-based pseudo-interactive environment, participants were led to believe they were interacting with another person or that they were seeing examples from a database and(More)
During interaction, people coordinate in both verbal (e.g., syntactically and semantically) and nonverbal (e.g., gestural and prosodic) ways. This alignment has been suggested to be a result of grounding or priming. In both cases, visual cues assist understanding. This study explores how widely and how much participants align in a text-only environment.(More)
Nurses are increasingly called upon to engage in critical thinking. However, current workflow inhibits this goal with frequent task switching and unpredictable demands. To assess workflow's cognitive impact, nurses were observed at 2 hospitals with different patient loads and acuity levels. Workflow on a medical/surgical and pediatric oncology unit was(More)