Monia Montorsi

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In this work we apply a physical model based on charge transport and molecular mechanics/dynamics simulations to investigate the physical mechanisms governing the RRAM forming and switching operations. The proposed model identifies the major driving forces controlling conductive filament (CF) formation and changes during RRAM switching, thus providing a(More)
Computational chemistry and molecular modeling procedures allow us to define and compute ad hoc size and shape descriptors on the different prototropic forms assumed by drugs in biotest solutions. Together with experimental data measured on a well-identified target receptor, these descriptors are essential elements for obtaining simple, consistent,(More)
We present a novel process of immobilization of gold nanorods (GNRs) on a glass surface. We demonstrate that by exploiting monolayer protection of the GNRs, their unusual optical properties can be completely preserved. UV-visible spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy analysis are used to reveal the optical and morphological properties of monolayer(More)
The paper aims to explore the potential benefits provided by an organically modified montmorillonite (nanoclay) in the problematic management of the Helicobacter pylori gastric infection that is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases worldwide. Two nanoclay samples were produced by the intercalation of tetracycline (TC) into the interlayer of(More)
Bacterial cellulose is composed of an ultrafine nanofiber network and well-ordered structure; therefore, it offers several advantages when used as native polymer or in composite systems. In this study, a pool of 34 acetic acid bacteria strains belonging to Komagataeibacter xylinus were screened for their ability to produce bacterial cellulose. Bacterial(More)
We report ab initio results for sub-stoichiometric HfOx with different oxygen vacancy densities, useful in exploring microscopic mechanisms that govern the operation of RRAM devices. We demonstrate that oxygen vacancy filaments are energetically more stable than randomly distributed defects. Furthermore, the stability of the filaments increases with the(More)
A quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) study of a wide series of structurally diverse alpha1-adrenergic receptor antagonists was performed using the CODESSA (Comprehensive Descriptors for Structural and Statistical Analysis) technique. Theoretical descriptors derived on a single structure and ad hoc defined size and shape descriptors were(More)
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