Monia Bellalouna

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The wireless sensor networks (WSN) represent a very promising domain. They can be used in a large variety of applications due to their easy deployment and their low cost of construction. These networks are composed of plenty of sensor nodes that are deployed in the monitoring field, and they form a multihop self-configured network by means of wireless(More)
We address the probabilistic generalization of weighted flow time on parallel machines. We present some results for situations which ask for ‘‘long-term robust” schedules of n jobs (tasks) on m parallel machines (processors): on any given day, only a random subset of jobs needs to be processed. The goal is to design robust a priori schedules (before we know(More)
In the probabilistic two-dimensional Bin Packing problem (2D-PBPP), one is asked to pack a random number of rectangular items, without overlap and any rotation, into the minimum number of identical square bins. In this paper we consider the re-optimization procedure used for solving probabilistic combinatorial optimization problems and an approximation of(More)
The wireless sensor networks are considered as a new technology that has appeared due to technological advances in the field of development of powerful processors, wireless communication protocols and smart sensors. Because of their sensitivity, several research projects have been conducted for the purpose of finding solutions to wireless sensor networks in(More)