Moni Wekesa

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Team handball is a fast, explosive sport, and injury risk is inevitable. There is need to define the risk factors in order to formulate preventive, treatment and rehabilitation measures. This study investigated the nature, aetiology, mechanism and anatomical localisation of injuries observed among male and female players during the tenth edition of the East(More)
We investigated the intensity of exercise in the asthma six-minute provocation test (ASMT) for asthmatic patients and mountain climbing. Six asthmatic boys with mean age 11.7 +/- 2.1 years and mean weight 44.5 +/- 13.2 kg participated in this study. HR, FEV1 and RR values were recorded. In both forms of exercise, the participants achieved intensities of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate injuries in international rugby football. METHODS All injuries that led to temporary stoppage of the game or to the substitution of a player during the Rugby World Cup prequalifying tournament were recorded. Six matches were played, involving the Arabian Gulf, Kenya, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. RESULTS 47 injuries were recorded,(More)
A case in which exercise-induced asthma (EIA) was provoked at an intensity of less than 100 beats/min is discussed. EIA was provoked by a 12-minute walk test. Earlier tests using walking on other subjects had not produced such a result. It is therefore vital to teach asthmatics to monitor their pulmonary response at regular intervals to avert serious(More)
Injuries are common in all sports, including soccer. Most of these injuries can be prevented if their aetiology, mechanisms and predisposing actions are analyzed. There were a total of 32 injuries in the study period. The incidence of lesions was 1.78 per match or 1.1 per player. 43.75% were contusions, 31.25% overuse and 25% sprains. 34.38% of the injuries(More)
A team of 25 top Kenyan male hockey players preparing for the fifth Africa Cup of Nations Championships was tested before and after seven weeks of training. At the end of the training, 16 of them were selected into the National team. The illnesses and injuries of the team members were documented using the Wekesa Protocol Sheet. The Asembo Hockey Fitness(More)
Rugby, like other contact sports, is associated with injuries. We set out to investigate all injuries that led either to a temporary stoppage of the game and/or substitution of a player during the Rugby World Cup pre-qualifying tournament. A total of six matches were played involving the Arabian Gulf, Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe. We recorded a total of 47(More)
We set out to evaluate the coordinative ability of asthmatic children and to find out how this component of physical fitness is affected by a training programme of a short duration. Seventeen asthmatic children participated in the study. Their ages ranged from 9.0 to 14.5 years. Their mean weight (+/- SD) was 44.89 +/- 14.94 kg and mean height (+/- SD) was(More)
The Kenyan team that competed at the International Summer Special Olympics comprised 38 athletes (both men and women) selected from all competitors at the national championships. The team was examined and a physiological fitness test carried out. The results enabled the organizers to arrange for treatment of prevailing illnesses, and the training programme(More)