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Diffie-Hellman (DH) is a well-known cryptographic algorithm used for secure key exchange. The first appearance of DH was in 1976. The algorithm allows two users to exchange a symmetric secret key through an insecure wired or wireless channel and without any prior secrets. DH works under the domain of integers Z*/sub n/ where n = p. Here, p and /spl alpha/(More)
Considerable work has been carried out in recent years on vulnerability assessment of Critical Infrastructure Systems (CIS). Recent man-introduced hazard, including the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York highlighted critical need to assess and evaluate the vulnerably of CIS with a focus on providing well coordinated and(More)
Simple network management protocol (SNMP) is widely used for monitoring and managing computers and network devices on wired and wireless network. SNMPv1 and v2 do not provide security when managing agents. Three very important security features (authentication, encryption, access control) are added to SNMPv3 under the user-based security model (USM).(More)
The present article details the formation of lanthanum-modified apatites and the binding process of tartrate ions with these obtained apatites. Chemical analyses, FT-IR and (31)P NMR spectroscopies, XRD powder, TGA, and TEM analyses were employed for studying the reaction between Ca(10)(PO(4))(6)(OH)(2) (HAp) or Ca(10)(PO(4))(6)(F)(2) (FAp) and LaCl(3). The(More)
This paper presents an implicitly-typed functional, aspect-oriented programming language: lambda_AOP. The main contribution of the paper is a semantics for lambda_AOP advice weaving. The weaving is type-based and implemented statically. We extend the Hindley-Milner type inference system to inject applicable advices into lambda expressions during typing. The(More)
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