Mong-Suan Yee

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—The performance of radial basis function-based decision feedback equalized (RBF DFE) burst-by-burst adaptive quadrature amplitude modulation (AQAM) is presented for transmissions over dispersive wide-band mobile channels. This scheme is shown to give a significant improvement in terms of the mean bit error rate (BER) and bits per symbol (BPS) performance(More)
—The performance of the proposed radial basis function (RBF) assisted turbo-coded adaptive modulation scheme is characterized in a wideband channel scenario. We commence by introducing the novel concept of the Jacobian RBF equalizer, which is a reduced-complexity version of the conventional RBF equalizer. Specifically, the Jacobian logarithmic RBF equalizer(More)
Radial Basis Function Network aided Multiuser Detection (RBFN-MUD) schemes are capable of detecting the received signal of all users, even if the channel output states are linearly non-separable. However, their complexity may become excessive which renders their real implementation irrealistic, except when the number of users is low. In this contribution a(More)
In this contribution a reduced-complexity radial basis function (RBF) aided neural-network based turbo equalization (TEQ) scheme is proposed for employment in a serially concatenated convolutional coded and systematic space time trellis coded (CC-SSTTC) arrangement. A two-path Rayleigh fading channel having a normalised Doppler frequency of 3.3615 x lob5(More)
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