Mong Leng Sin

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Induction machines play a pivotal role in industry and there is a strong demand for their reliable and safe operation. They are generally reliable but eventually do wear out. Faults and failures of induction machines can lead to excessive downtimes and generate large losses in terms of maintenance and lost revenues, and this motivates the examination of(More)
Access to shared resources can be controlled by schedules or mutual exclusion. Such methods are not practical in an environment with dynamic participants, where nodes requiring access to shared resources can enter or leave the scene at any time. Current scheduling methods are usually centralized, demand that the system has a clear idea of when the resources(More)
This paper presents an analysis of effects of dynamic air-gap eccentricity on the performances of a 6/4 Switched Reluctance Machine (SRM) through finite element analysis (FEA) based on a FEMM package associated to MATLAB/SIMULINK package software. Among the various Time-Frequency methods used for detection of defects, the Time-Frequency Representation (TFR)(More)
Intelligent vehicles travelling on roads at high speed safely utilising sensors and communication can save time and protect lives. Influenced by the DARPA Grand Challenge and various other Intelligent Transportation System initiatives, new research results are being produced at an amazingly fast pace. The high rate of new technologies being introduced (e.g.(More)
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