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Evolution of spore release mechanisms in the saprolegniaceae (Oomycetes): evidence from a phylogenetic analysis of internal transcribed spacer sequences
Classical studies on spore release within the Saprolegniaceae (Oomycetes) led to the proposition that different mechanisms of sporangial emptying represent steps in an evolutionary transition series.Expand
Mechanism linking cellular pigmentation and pathogenicity in rice blast disease
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  • 1 December 1997
Osmotic Pressure of Aqueous Polyethylene Glycols'
Osmotic pressures (II) of aqueous solutions of polyethylene glycols (PEGs) of average relative molecular weight (Mr) between 200 and 10,000 were measured using vapor pressure deficit osmometry. TheExpand
Bridging the Gender Gap in HIV Diagnosis and Care.
Since its emergence in 1981, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has been viewed by the Western world as a disease that primarily affected men. Yet in mid 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO)Expand
A Binuclear Vanadium ( II 1 ) Complex Containing the Linear [ V 0 Vl 4 + Unit : Preparation , Structure , and Properties of [ V 20 ( SCH 2 CH 2 NMe 2 ) 4 ]
The synthesis, structure, and properties of V20(Me2-aet)4 (Me-aet is 2-(dimethylamino)ethanethiolate) are reported. The synthesis and properties of corresponding V20(aet)4 (aet isExpand