Mondher Feki

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To date, healthcare organizations need well-established knowledge to support care quality. Managers invest in motivating medical staff and associated healthcare stakeholders to share their respective knowledge. Additionally, they invest in advanced technology to facilitate sharing process. However, these efforts essentially raise classification and privacy(More)
Digital market has never been so unstable due to more and more demanding users and new disruptive competitors. CEOs from most of industries investigate digitalization opportunities. Through a Systematic Literature Review, we found that digital transformation is more than just a technological shift. According to this study, these transformations have had an(More)
Despite the rising potential of big data, a few studies have been conducted to examine it in the supply chain field. This article gives an overview of big data use in this field and underlines its potential role in the supply chain transformation by leading a systematic literature review. The results show that the big data analytics techniques can be(More)
The digital transformation is still a protean concept, whose acceptances differ between practitioners and researchers. After a systematic literature review to clarify the definition and dimensions of this topic, we conducted an exploratory qualitative study to better understand the stakes and impacts of the digital transformation of businesses. Our first(More)
Data Modeling (DM) is an important area in the Information System (IS) learning. In particular, in the IS analysis phase business analysts need to provide a comprehensive notation to avoid misunderstanding between software engineers and customer. Teaching DM is a challenging task, mainly because it lays great emphasis on theory. It remains often abstract,(More)
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