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The glucooligosaccharides (GOS), produced by Leuconostoc mesenteroides NRRL B-1299 dextransucrase through an acceptor reaction with maltose and sucrose, were purified by reverse phase chromatography. Logarithmic plots of retention time vs. dp of the GOS gave three parallel lines suggesting the existence of at least three families of homologous molecules.(More)
Supervised text categorization is a machine learning task where a predefined category label is automatically assigned to a previously unlabelled document based upon characteristics of the words contained in the document. Since the number of unique words in a learning task (i.e., the number of features) can be very large, the efficiency and accuracy of the(More)
— In the process of training Support Vector Machines (SVMs) by decomposition methods, working set selection is an important technique, and some exciting schemes were employed into this field. To improve working set selection, we propose a new model for working set selection in sequential minimal optimization (SMO) decomposition methods. In this model, it(More)
Contrast sets have been shown to be a useful mechanism for describing differences between groups. A contrast set is a conjunction of attribute-value pairs that differ significantly in their distribution across groups. These groups are defined by a selected property that distinguishes one from the other (e.g customers who default on their mortgage versus(More)
Contrast set mining has developed as a data mining task which aims at discerning differences amongst groups. These groups can be patients, organizations, molecules, and even time-lines. distinguishes one from the other. A contrast set is a conjunction of attribute-value pairs that differ significantly in their distribution across groups. The search for(More)
In this paper, we present an empirical comparison of the effects of category skew on six feature selection methods. The methods were evaluated on 36 datasets generated from the 20 Newsgroups, OHSUMED, and Reuters-21578 text corpora. The datasets were generated to possess particular category skew characteristics (i.e., the number of documents assigned to(More)
A fundamental task in exploratory data analysis is discerning the differences between contrasting groups. Contrast set mining has been developed as a data mining task, which aims to identify the differences between these groups. This paper examines the algorithms , heuristics, and open issues of contrast set mining, and seeks to improve contrast set mining(More)
Because of fast-growing demand, export markets can absorb high value added products and offer high returns; for many developing countries export market development is thus a key requirement for rural income generation and rural growth. Although developing countries face increasingly strict sanitary and phytosanitary standards in their export markets, they(More)
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