Monday Nwite Igwe

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BACKGROUND In designing programs to raise the community level of awareness about childhood autism in sub-Saharan Africa, it is logical to use the primary healthcare workers as contact point for education of the general public. Tertiary healthcare workers could play the role of trainers on childhood autism at primary healthcare level. Assessing their(More)
BACKGROUND There is increasing public and professional awareness of autism spectrum disorders with early recognition, diagnosis and interventions that are known to improve prognosis. Poor knowledge about childhood autism among paediatric and psychiatric nurses who are members of multidisciplinary teams that care for such children may be a major barrier to(More)
Mental hospital-based data on child and adolescent psychiatric services are uncommon in low-resource countries, although such data are important for service development and planning. Data are reported on neuropsychiatric diagnoses and psychotropic medication prescription in a child and adolescent psychiatric service in southeastern Nigeria.(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge and awareness about childhood autism is low among health care workers and the general populace in Nigeria. Poor knowledge about childhood autism among final year medical, nursing and psychology students who would form tomorrow's child health care professionals can compromise early recognition and interventions that are known to improve(More)
INTRODUCTION Dissociative fugue is a psychiatric disorder characterized by amnesia coupled with sudden unexpected travel away from the individual's usual surroundings and denial of all memory of his or her whereabouts during the period of wandering. Dissociative fugue is a rare disorder that is infrequently reported. Before now, no case of it had been(More)
Earlier studies suggest that knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) among healthcare workers in Nigeria is low. This present study assessed the knowledge of Nigerian final year medical students about symptoms of ASD and some other aspects of ASD. This is a cross sectional descriptive study that drew a total of seven hundred and fifty-seven (757)(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus (DM) and essential hypertension are chronic medical conditions that place a lot of burden on patients. The presence of depression and suicidal behaviour may worsen the prognosis. OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of depression and suicidal behaviour in subjects with diabetes mellitus and essential hypertension and also(More)
BACKGROUND Religion is a powerful coping strategy. Diabetes and depression are common conditions in our environment that induce psychological distress, thus requiring coping for better outcome. Studies indicate that increased religiosity is associated with better outcome in clinical and general populations. Therefore, studies of the distribution of(More)
A significant proportion of patients treated for schizophrenia respond poorly to medication. Few studies have systematically examined the impact of clinical characteristics of patients to antipsychotic response in our environment. The study aimed to identify clinical variables associated with response in patients with schizophrenia. A total of 172(More)
Aim. Determine association between use (and type) of antipsychotics and dyslipidaemia in newly diagnosed schizophrenia patients attending Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu. Methods. From sixty antipsychotic naive patients with schizophrenia and sixty first-degree relatives matched for gender and age, fasting blood lipid profiles were measured at(More)