Moncef Tayahi

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Polarization-mode-dispersion tolerance of a low-pass filter duobinary modulation format is investigated. With the optimum residual dispersion, the optical signal-to-noise ratio penalty at a differential group delay of 40 ps is measured to be 1 dB (at BER=6/spl times/10/sup -5/): 1.5 dB less than that without residual dispersion in a 10.7-Gb/s duobinary(More)
We report the experimental comparison of 10.7-Gb/s duobinary transmissions using generic Reed-Solomon forward error correction (FEC) and an enhanced FEC. The coding gains of the two FECs after transmission over a dispersion-uncompensated 200-km standard single-mode fiber (SSMF) link are found to be much larger than those quoted in ideal case, with the(More)
GaAs-AlGaAs quantum-well (850 nn) vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, with lateral current injection and shallow implanted apertures, show small signal modulation bandwidths of at least 11 GHz and large signal data rates of at least 10 Gb/s. The devices achieved a maximum output power of 2.1 mW, with a threshold current and voltage of 1 mA and 1.71 V,(More)
In Tunisia, potato virus Y (PVY) currently presents a significant threat to potato production, reducing tuber yield and quality. Three hundred and eighty-five potato samples (six different cultivars) collected in autumn 2007 from nine regions in Tunisia were tested for PVY infection by DAS-ELISA. The virus was detected in all regions surveyed, with an(More)
We present analytical and experimental results demonstrating a conceptual break through on how to overcome the fundamental timefrequency bandwidth limit (or spectral superresolution) for a light pulse in traditional and heterodyne spectrometry. This can be achieved either by a de-convolution process suggested by analytical method or by heterodyne method,(More)
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