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Some manufactured nanoparticles are metal-based and have a wide variety of applications in electronic, engineering and medicine. Until now, many studies have described the potential toxicity of NPs on pulmonary target, while little attention has been paid to kidney which is considered to be a secondary target organ. The objective of this study, on human(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) femtosecond laser direct structuring in transparent materials is widely used for photonic applications. However, the structure size is limited by the optical diffraction. Here we report on a direct laser writing technique that produces subwavelength nanostructures independently of the experimental limiting factors. We demonstrate 3D(More)
Electron-lattice energy exchanges are investigated in gold and silver nanoparticles with sizes ranging from 30 to 2.2 nm embedded in different environments. Femtosecond pump-probe experiments performed in the low-perturbation regime demonstrate a strong increase of the intrinsic electron-phonon interaction for nanoparticles smaller than 10 nm due to a(More)
Matthieu Bellec,† Arnaud Royon,† Kevin Bourhis,‡ Jiyeon Choi,‡,§ Bruno Bousquet,† Mona Treguer,‡ Thierry Cardinal,‡ Jean-Jacques Videau,‡ Martin Richardson,§ and Lionel Canioni*,† Centre de Physique Moléculaire Optique et Hertzienne, UMR 5798 CNRS, UniVersité de Bordeaux, 351 cours de la Libération, 33405 Talence Cedex, France, Institut de Chimie de la(More)
Using time-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy, we have performed the first investigation of the vibrational modes of gold nanoshells. The fundamental isotropic mode launched by a femtosecond pump pulse manifests itself in a pronounced time-domain modulation of the differential transmission probed at the frequency of nanoshell surface plasmon resonance. The(More)
Highly luminescent single colloidal silver nanoparticles under blue excitation were detected. The intense luminescence observed from the single particles is attributed to different emissive centers. Picosecond lifetimes of those single nano-objects have been measured. Comparison with colloidal particles emission formed in aqueous solution, using(More)
Local field-induced optical properties of Ag-coated CdS quantum dot structures are investigated. We experimentally observe a clear exciton peak due to the quantum confinement effect in uncoated CdS quantum dots, and surface plasmon resonance and red-shifted exciton peak in Ag-coated CdS composite quantum dot structures. We have calculated the Stark shift of(More)
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