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INTRODUCTION Early diagnosis of cancer helps a great deal in the management of oral cancer patients. Number of proteinous markers have been employed for this purpose. Majority of them are not specific. Recently conjugated oligosaccharide with proteins and lipids have gained considerable importance in the present postgenomics and postproteomic period in the(More)
BACKGROUND Cell regulatory G2/M phase proteins are the key regulators of mitosis and have been reported with abnormal expressions in various malignancies. AIM To determine the expressions of these proteins in neoplastic uterine cervix tissue. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study evaluates the G2/M phase regulatory protein expression of Cyclin B1, Aurora-B,(More)
D iabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) has been reported in subjects who lack the clinical characteristics of type 1 diabetes (1–3). In a preliminary analysis of the “types” of diabetes in patients presenting with DKA, we found that Hispanic patients had a significantly higher proportion with type 2 diabetes when compared with Caucasians and African Americans (1). We(More)
Periodontitis is a chronic, non-reversible inflammatory disease of the oral cavity leading to destruction of periodontal tissues. Thus, the estimation of bacterial metabolite, tissue damage and secretory metabolites of the triggered inflammatory cells likely to yield results. It may be of value for understanding the pathophysiology of the disease by(More)
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