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Antenna with DGS for improved performance
A recently introduce technique for improving cross-polarisation in microstrip antenna is to employ defected ground structure (DGS). Expand
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Optimization of linear sensor node array for wireless sensor networks using Particle Swarm Optimization
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are mainly characterized by their limited energy source mainly from the sensor nodes. Hence, the need for energy efficient sensor nodes is becoming increasingly moreExpand
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Hilbert Curve Fractal Antenna for RFID Application
The implementation of radio frequency identification (RFID) involved two main components; the transponder and the reader. The transponder or simply known as a tag comprises of a programmable chip andExpand
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Wavelet Analysis of the First Pulse of Initial Breakdown Process in Lightning Discharges
Wavelet transformation is used in order to seek for differences in the initial break- down process between negative cloud-to-ground flash (CG−), positive CG (CG+), cloud flash (IC), and isolatedExpand
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Evaluation on optimum geometrical of linear node array for self-organization in a wireless sensor network
A novel approach which combines an adaptive linear antenna array and a non-linear function of particle swarm methodology has been developed to estimate the performance of antenna gain in the presenceExpand
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Design of Microwave Direct-Coupled Cavity Waveguide Filter for VSAT Communication at C-Band Using MathCAD Software
Waveguides are robust structure and handle high power well, compared to transmission line filter such as coplanar lines, microstrips and striplines. As such, it is used in a very small apertureExpand
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Wavelet analysis of the first electric field pulse of lightning flashes in Sweden
In this paper, we investigate the wavelet characteristics of the first electric field pulse of four different flash types namely negative cloud-to-ground flash (-CG), positive cloud-to-ground flashExpand
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Interference from cloud-to-ground and cloud flashes in wireless communication system
In this study, cloud-to-ground (CG) flash and intra-cloud (IC) flash events that interfere with the transmission of bits in wireless communication system operating at 2.4 GHz were analyzed. Bit errExpand
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Wideband and harmonic suppression method of Parallel Coupled Microstrip Bandpass Filter using centered single groove
In this paper, a single grooved wideband Parallel Coupled Microstrip Bandpass Filter (PCMBF) with improved passband response and first harmonic suppression is described. Expand
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Reconfigurable harmonic suppressed fractal dipole antenna
A small active frequency reconfigurable Koch dipole antenna is presented with harmonic suppression capability. Open circuit stub is coupled to the antenna's terminal and the tapered balun. ThreeExpand
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