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BACKGROUND As more people survive into old age, a greater number are becoming eligible for dialysis treatment for end-stage renal failure. In the UK the elderly have previously been excluded from treatment programmes, and continuing financial constraints are unlikely to improve this situation. There are few data on the views of elderly subjects on renal(More)
BACKGROUND Visuomotor abnormalities are common in aging and age-related disease, yet difficult to quantify. This study investigated the effects of healthy aging, sex, and handedness on the performance of a tracing task. Participants (n = 150, aged 21-95 years, 75 females) used a stylus to follow a moving target around a circle on a tablet computer with(More)
PURPOSE To measure intrafractional prostate motion by time-based stereotactic x-ray imaging and investigate the impact on the accuracy and efficiency of prostate SBRT delivery. METHODS Prostate tracking log files with 1,892 x-ray image registrations from 18 SBRT fractions for 6 patients were retrospectively analyzed. Patient setup and beam delivery(More)
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