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The oestrogen agonist and antagonist activity of a single dose of en-clomiphene (0.5--50 mg/kg) was studied in peripheral and brain tissue in the 3 week ovariectomized rat. 17 beta-Oestradiol benzoate (100 microgram/kg) or vehicle was injected 24 h after en-clomiphene administration and data collected at 72 h. En-clomiphene produced a dose-related (agonist)(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether heparin or the low-molecular-weight heparin enoxaparin alter lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced monocyte activation. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Heparin is widely used in clinical practice to inhibit the coagulation cascade. However, heparin also is a naturally occurring glucosaminoglycan and a pleiotropic immunomodulator that(More)
The age-dependent polydipsia and polyuria observed in SWR/J mice was found to be caused by relative inability of the kidneys to respond to antidiuretic hormone (ADH), resulting in a concentrating defect, which persisted even following Pitressin injection or water deprivation. Posterior pituitaries contained large amounts of ADH, which was also found in the(More)
The cytotoxicity of Moraxella bovis whole cells and culture filtrates was studied, using 51Cr-labeled bovine and human blood neutrophils. The cytotoxicity of living M bovis was directly related to the concentration of bacteria in the neutrophil cultures, and was maximal at an approximate neutrophil to bacteria ratio of 1:10. Cytotoxicity was maximal by 30(More)
  • Mona Miller
  • The Journal of pharmacology and experimental…
  • 1980
Clonidine, an alpha adrenergic agonist which causes a diuresis in experimental animals, was studied in unanesthetized, conscious Brattleboro rats heterozygous or homozygous for hereditary hypothalamic diabetes insipidus to determine if the diuresis was due to alpha adrenergic inhibition of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) release or to another mechanism of(More)
Fish oil diets preserve renal function in murine lupus, but we have found that these diets accelerate renal deterioration in renoprival nephropathy. In this study we examined the effects of dietary fish oil in accelerated nephrotoxic serum nephritis. For 1 month, 14 female rats were fed diets that differed only in fat composition, containing either menhaden(More)
Although Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection is an important health concern for Asian elephants (Elephas maximus), no studies have evaluated the associated local immune responses or histologic lesions. In primates including humans, latent tuberculosis is distinguished by well-organized granulomas with TH1 cytokine expression, whereas active disease is(More)
Clinical disorders of water regulation are relatively common and occur with severity ranging from profound and easily recognizable disturbance of body water balance to mild and often clinically inapparent. The development of sensitive and specific radioimmunoassay procedures capable of quantitating the level of AVP in plasma and urine has allowed(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the successful application of CPR in a geriatric chinchilla employing basic and advanced life support measures during cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA). CASE SUMMARY A 13-year-old female intact chinchilla presented to a general and multispecialty referral hospital for a dental procedure. During recovery from anesthesia the patient(More)
  • Mona Miller
  • The Journal of clinical endocrinology and…
  • 1980
Studies were carried out in normal human subjects to determine the effect of two narcotic antagonists, oxilorphan and butorphanol, on antidiuretic hormone (ADH) release. Oxilorphan given to eight subjects on ad libitum fluid intake resulted in a transient but significant increase in 24-h free water clearance and a decrease in urine osmolality. These changes(More)