Mona Mehrandish

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— In this paper, we consider the problem of detecting intrusions initiated by cooperative malicious nodes in infrastructure-based networks. We achieve this objective by sampling a subset of the transmitted packets, between each intruder and the victim, over selected links or router interfaces. Here, the total sampling rate on all links must not exceed the(More)
— In this paper we build a game theoretic framework to model network intrusions through multiple packets. Detection is accomplished by sampling a portion of the packets transiting through selected network links (or router interfaces). Given a total sampling budget, our work then aims at developing a network packet sampling strategy to effectively reduce the(More)
Several researchers have considered using a routing backbone to perform routing in a wireless ad hoc network. Such a backbone can be created by finding a <i>connected dominating set</i> (CDS) in the underlying graph. We present a new distributed local algorithm to find a CDS in a unit disk graph (UDG), which is a commonly used model for ad hoc wireless(More)
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