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Advanced analytics is a booming area in the data management industry and a hot research topic. Almost all toolkits that implement machine learning (ML) algorithms assume that the input is a single table, but most relational datasets are not stored as single tables due to normalization. Thus, analysts often join tables to obtain a denormalized table. Also,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to identify possible risk factors for falls among Saudi postmenopausal women in a population-based study. METHODS Seven hundred seven postmenopausal women aged 50 years or older were followed in a prospective cohort study. Participant demographic characteristics, medical history, lifestyle factors, past-year history of falls, and(More)
The original implementation of integrating DySER with a OpenSPARC processor was done using the Virtex-5 FPGA platform. That effort faced a major limitation wherein the Virtex-5 platform did not have enough area to hold the entire OpenSPARC processor along with a full DySER block with its associated functional units (FU) and interconnects. As a result,(More)
The adoption of “human-in-the-loop” paradigms in computer vision and machine learning is leading to various applications where the actual data acquisition (e.g., human supervision) and the underlying inference algorithms are closely interwined. While classical work in active learning provides effective solutions when the learning module involves(More)
Performance heterogeneity observed during running instances on Amazon EC2 even amongst the nodes with the same specifications, makes us revise the pricing policies. In EC2, pricing is per hour and if the client is idle he wouldnt be charged but even when hes being charged he might not be charged fairly enough. In this project we aim to provide a client-side(More)
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