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Regression test suites are developed and maintained throughout the lifetime of the software product. For testers, it is common practice to add new testcases to the existing regression test suite, with intent to test new features in the software product or to capture any newly discovered fault. Many a times the intention is to check whether the program is(More)
Tumour-to-tumour metastasis is a rare phenomenon, but has been described in the literature in just over 100 cases. It can be particularly puzzling for the reporting pathologists, when encountered unexpectedly in a tumour showing abrupt transition from the usual morphology to another unusual pattern. The literature reports a variety of combinations with(More)
In this paper a complex network model is used to analyze the game of cricket. The nodes of this network are individual players and edges are placed between players who have scored runs in partnership. Results of these complex network models based on partnership are compared with performance of teams. Our study examines Test cricket, One Day Internationals(More)
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