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The tradeoff between computational complexity and speed, in addition to growing demands for real-time BMI (brain-machine interface) systems, expose the necessity of applying methods with least possible complexity. Willison amplitude (WAMP) and slope sign change (SSC) are two promising time-domain features only if the right threshold value is defined for(More)
Brain-Machine Interface is a direct communication pathway between brain and an external electronic device. BMIs aim to translate brain activities into control commands. To design a system that translates brain waves and its activities to desired commands, motor imagery tasks classification is the core part. Classification accuracy not only depends on how(More)
In this paper, we propose a hybrid fuzzy logic-genetic algorithm for optimising a non-linear problem related to pressure vessel design. The fuzzy non-linear program that we obtain is solved using a Genetic Algorithm (GA), and a simulation was used for generating the initial population. The efficiency of some of the design optimisation algorithms are(More)
Motor imagery electroencephalogram signals are the only bio-signals that enable locked-in patients, who have lost control over every motor output, to communicate with and control their surroundings. Brain Machine Interface is collaboration between a human and machines, which translates brain waves to desired, understandable commands for a machine.(More)
Assembly line balancing has been a focus of interest to academics in operation management for the last decades. Despite diverse research works in this field, many problems still remained unsolved. Given the importance and attractiveness of the mixed product parallel lines balancing problem and the importance of the human factor in the development process(More)
This paper addresses a highly challenging scheduling problem in the field of printed circuit board (PCB) assembly systems using Surface Mounting Devices (SMD). After describing some challenging optimization sub-problems relating to the heads of multi-head surface mounting placement machines, we formulate an integrated multi-objective mathematical model(More)
(b) (c) (d) Abstract— Heart sound analysis has gathered increasing attention over the past few years as the maturity of processing algorithms start to produce reliable and promising results. This work highlights the advantages of recently developed time frequency method which is Modified B-Distribution (MBD) and Extended Modified B-Distribution (EMBD). The(More)
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