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The correspondence between Reiter's default reasoning and logic programming has been exhaustively studied (e.g. [1], [2], [3]). A Contrario the relation with the many variants of the initial theory of Reiter seems far less known. This paper aims to present a preliminary investigation on applying a variant of default reasoning proposed by Witold Łukaszewicz(More)
An alternative approach to answer set programming is developed in order to remedy the problems of " relevance " and " modularity " of answer set semantics for logic programs. The fundamental idea is to reintroduce monotonic-ity. In particular, we introduce the alternative concept of ι-answer sets, which are characterized by their applied rules. Furthermore,(More)
In the present computing world, most new-generation database applications need for intelligent interface to enhance efficient interactions between database and the users. Database query language SQL could be difficult to the non-expert users and learning these formal queries takes a lot of time. In this paper, we discussed mapping of natural language(More)
In this paper we focus on the generalized quantum rotation gates in the presence of dephasing. We follow the model proposed by Lacour et. al. [1] and extend their technique by applying the quantum jump approach. This approach clearly illustrates the acquired phases which cannot be recompensated and leads to imperfect gates. Numerical solutions for these(More)
The connected-(r,s)-or-(s,r)-out-of-(m,n): F linear and circular systems consists of mn components, it fails if and only if at least any connected subset of (r,s)-or-(s,r) of failed components occurs. For example the connected-(1,2)-or-(2,1)-out-of-(m,n): F linear and circular systems fails if at least a (1,2)-matrix (i.e. a row with 2 components) or a(More)
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