Mona Faris

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This study examined three ways that perception of non-native phones may be uncategorized relative to native (L1) categories: focalized (predominantly similar to a single L1 category), clustered (similar to > 2 L1 categories), and dispersed (not similar to any L1 categories). In an online study, Egyptian Arabic speakers residing in Egypt categorized and(More)
Lexically guided perceptual retuning studies have demonstrated that listeners use their knowledge of phonemes in words to accommodate to artificially generated sounds that are halfway between two phonemes. However, it is unknown whether listeners accommodate in the same way when words are pronounced with an incorrect native phoneme (e.g., flower pronounced(More)
This study explores how experience with native language (L1) diphthongs influences the assimilation of non-native diphthongs. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of L1 attunement, native Australian English (AusE) speakers categorized and rated the Danish diphthongs, in addition to the monophthongs, in relation to their entire native vowel inventory.(More)
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