Mona Farid Badran

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Optimization of solid waste management systems using operational research methodologies has not yet been applied in any Egyptian governorate. In this paper, a proposed model for a municipal solid waste management system in Port Said, Egypt is presented. It includes the use of the concept of collection stations, which have not yet been used in Egypt. Mixed(More)
In this study we will focus on the impact of ICT ownership on the gender divide and whether is ICT really empowering women in Egypt. Furthermore, we will explore the effect of ICT on women’s lives in relation to other factors like education and income. Finally, recommendations are given to the policy maker in order to increase ICT’s role in empowering women(More)
This research paper embarks on a comparative empirical study to investigate the impact that ICT plays on empowering women entrepreneurs in 5 developing/ emerging countries, namely Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, and Brazil. The World Bank's Investment Climate Assessment Surveys (ICA), are the primary source for data, for the four Arab countries, and(More)
Infrastructure investments expansion typically adds to the productive capacity in an economy, and thus to its economic growth. Network industries account for between one–tenth and onequarter of economy wide investments (OECD 2009 B). Telecom industry is one of the network industries, and broadband is a new technology that is widely used all over the world.(More)
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