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The purpose of this research is to synthesize and transform real world physical environments (PE) into a CAVE automatic virtual reality system (CAVE) by using three-dimensional (3D) models of cultural and historical artifacts. 3D models are often used in many applications including visualizations and digital preservation. Virtual reality is used to improve(More)
The IEEE 802.16 technology (WiMAX) is a better alternative to 3G or wireless LAN networks for providing last mile connectivity by radio link due to its high data rates, low cost of deployment and large coverage area and Ease of Use. With the IEEE 802.16e−2005 mobility amendment, WiMAX promises to address the ever-increasing demand for mobile high speed(More)
Privacy preserving data mining have been studied widely on static data. Static algorithms are not suitable for streaming data. This imposes the study of new algorithms for privacy preserving that cope with data streams characteristics. Recently, effective anonymization algorithms have been studied on centralized data streams. In this paper we propose an(More)
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