Momcilo M. Pejovic

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Response of pMOS dosemeters during two successive irradiations with gamma-ray irradiation to a dose of 35 Gy and annealing at room and elevated temperature has been studied. The response was followed on the basis of threshold voltage shift, determined from transfer characteristics, as a function of absorbed dose or annealing time. It was shown that the(More)
This paper presents realization of a digital embedded system for measuring electrical breakdown time delay. The proposed system consists of three major parts: dc voltage supply, analog subsystem, and a digital subsystem. Any dc power source with the range from 100 to 1000 V can be used in this application. The analog subsystem should provide fast and(More)
Favourable characteristics of silicon dioxide (further referred to as oxide or SiO2) as an almost irreplaceable dielectric in MOS (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) components have contributed to a considerable extent to the great success of the technology of manufacturing integrated circuits during the last decades. However, it has been proved that instabilities(More)
The paper describes dose response and signal fading of Al-gate p-channel (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors) MOSFETs in the range of gamma radiation doses used in radiation therapy. MOSFETs with thicknesses of the gate oxide layer of 1 μm and 400 nm were used. The response was characterized by the threshold voltage shift and was studied as(More)
Experimental data of mean values of breakdown voltage b U of CITEL and SIEMENS gas-filled surge arresters (GFSA) obtained for voltage increase rates k=1-10 V/s with discretyzed dynamic method are presented in the paper. It has been shown that ) (k f Ub = data are fitted very well by a straight line. The values of static breakdown voltage, which have been(More)
50. Č.A. Maluckov, J. P. Karamarković and M. K. Radović, ”Investigation of the influence of overvoltage, auxiliary glow current and relaxation time on the electrical breakdown time delay distributions in neon”, Contrib. Plasma Physics, vol. 45, No. 2, pp. 118-129, 2005. 49. Č.A. Maluckov, J.P. Karamarković, M.K. Radović M.M. Pejović, "The application of(More)
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