Momčilo M. Ristić

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Mixtures of BaCO3, ZnO and TiO2 powders, with molar ratio of 1:2:4, were mechanically activated for 20, 40 and minutes in a planetary ball mill. The resulting powders were compacted into pellets and isothermally sintered at 1250 °C for 2h with a heating rate of 10 °C/min. X-ray diffraction analysis of obtained powders and sintered samples was performed in(More)
Liquid phase sintering is widely used for consolidation of materials. Low sintering temperatures, relatively fast densification and homogenization, and high final densities are the main advantages of this production method. A very interesting approach to better understanding of its extreme complexity due to the simultaneous and successive action of numerous(More)
The effects of Bi(2)O(3) addition on the phase composition, microstructure and optical properties of ZnO-SnO(2) ceramics were investigated. Starting powders of ZnO and SnO(2) were mixed in the molar ratio 2:1. After adding Bi(2)O(3) (1.0 mol.%) this mixture was mechanically activated for 10 min in a planetary ball mill, uniaxially pressed and sintered at(More)
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