Moloud Shahbazi

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In today's OFDMA networks, the transmission power is typically fixed and the same for all the sub-carriers that compose a channel. The sub-carriers though, experience different degrees of fading and thus, the received power is different for different sub-carriers; while some frequencies experience deep fades, others are relatively unaffected. In this paper,(More)
BACKGROUND The rapid spread of Web-based social media in recent years has impacted how patients share health-related information. However, little work has studied the demographics of these users. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to study the demographics of users who participate in health-related Web-based social outlets to identify possible links to health care(More)
BACKGROUND An increasing number of patients from diverse demographic groups share and search for health-related information on Web-based social media. However, little is known about the content of the posted information with respect to the users' demographics. OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were to analyze the content of Web-based health-related social(More)
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