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Numerous ablation studies indicate a critical role for the hippocampal system in establishing or consolidating certain types of memory. Normal aging manifests by selective neurobiological changes in the hippocampal formation and on performance of tasks that require a functional hippocampus, including retention of contextual fear conditioning. To determine(More)
Middle-aged and aged rats received dorsal hippocampal lesions before performance was evaluated on the radial-arm maze. The maze task contained simultaneous spatial working memory and visually cued reference memory components. Both middle-aged and aged rats that received lesions committed more errors of both types than sham-operated rats. Moreover, an(More)
Due to the rapid spread of mobile phones and coverage in the developing world, mobile phones are being increasingly used as a technology platform for developing-world applications including data collection. In order to reach the vast majority of mobile phone users without access to specialized software, applications must make use of interactive voice(More)
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