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Vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) infections are a public health threat associated with increased patient mortality and healthcare costs. Antibiotic usage, particularly cephalosporins, has been associated with VRE colonization and VRE bloodstream infections (VRE BSI). We examined the relationship between antimicrobial usage and incident VRE(More)
This article aims at identifying a threshold number of drinks per day beyond which there is a high risk of developing alcoholic behavior that would enable physicians to more confidently support the use of alcohol for cardiovascular risk prevention. In a randomly selected, population-based sample of 2,042 adults 45 years or older, we graded alcohol drinking(More)
False positive D-dimers are common & lead to an expensive confirmatory work-up. The approach of a highly sensitive assay for screening followed by a highly specific assay for confirmation, commonly used in diagnosing AIDS and Lyme disease, have not been applied to D-dimer testing. We describe a case of a 32-year old female with pleuritic chest pain and a(More)
A hypertension survey was conducted in Montreal to determine the extent, nature and distribution of the control of hypertension. Of the 12 055 persons screened in shopping centres, workplaces and a random sample of homes in four census tracts the hypertension was not controlled in 69.0% to 80.3% of those with the condition in each setting. Nearly two thirds(More)
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