Molly Schaller

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Humans are an intensely social species and therefore it is essential for our interpersonal judgments to be valid enough to help us to avoid enemies, form useful alliances and find suitable mates; flawed judgments can literally be fatal. An evolutionary perspective implies that humans ought to have developed sufficient skills at solving problems of(More)
(2004). How can psychology contribute to designing a mixed jury system in Japan? Ongoing debates and a thought experiment. bases of different socio-cultural models about distributive justice. Stereotype-based expectancy and academic evaluation: The joint influence of prior expectancy and the diagnosticity of current information. making: The distribution of(More)
An eloquent case can be made to explain the relationship between learning spaces and learning. But how do we know when a learning space enhances learning? We need assessment data to answer this question. The answer, in turn, provides guidance for developing learning spaces and for monitoring their impact on learning. We cannot assess the impact of learning(More)
The construct of self is central to psychology and allied disciplines. This construct has captivated and enchanted philosophers and scientists, religious and political figures, writers and poets. The self has been hailed as the basis of motivation, emotion and behavior, and has also been heralded as the key to a deeper understanding of human nature. At the(More)
identification: Chartering new waters and building new bridges. as key mechanisms connecting socialization tactics to commitment and turnover among new employees. (2008). The self in change: A longitudinal investigation of coping and self-determination processes. social identities in the self: Toward a cognitive-developmental model. over time: The role of(More)
Partial depleted (PD) SOI technologies have reached maturity for production of high speed, low power microprocessors. The paper will highlight several challenges found during the course of development for bringing 40nm gate length (L/sub GATE/) PD SOI transistors into volume manufacturing for high-speed microprocessors. The key innovations developed for(More)
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