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321 H based on one-dimensional simulations of the vadose zone are routinely used to predict or study fl uxes of moisture, solutes, and energy at fi eld and watershed scales. For the results of these models to be useful, suf-fi ciently accurate soil hydraulic property inputs, namely the soil moisture retention and hydraulic conductivity curves, θ(h) and(More)
The distributed Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) hydrologic model was applied to a research watershed, the Dry Creek Experimental Watershed, near Boise Idaho to investigate its water balance components both temporally and spatially. Calibrating and validating SWAT is necessary to enable our understanding of the water balance components in this semiarid(More)
  • Michael J Thoma, James P Mcnamara, Molly M Gribb, Shawn G Benner, J P Mcnamara
  • 2011
Keywords: Noble gas thermometry Seasonal recharge Mountain block recharge Agricultural recharge Irrigation Infiltration temperature s u m m a r y Thirteen noble gas samples were collected from eleven wells and two mountain springs in the Treasure Valley, Idaho, USA to derive recharge temperatures using noble gas thermometry. One common assumption with noble(More)
A field-programmable-gate-array-(FPGA-) based data acquisition and control system was designed in a hardware/software code-sign environment using an embedded Xilinx Microblaze soft-core processor for use with a subsurface ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) system, designed for detection of gaseous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). An FPGA is used to(More)
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