Molly Fuller Collins

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—Early experiences with books predict later reading success, and an interactive shared reading style called ''dialogic reading'' is especially beneficial to emergent literacy. Electronic console (EC) books, CD-rom books, and e-book apps are designed to teach preschoolers preliteracy skills, but research has yet to systematically explore the impact of these(More)
A teacher once told me, " Don't use a 50-cent word when a 5-cent word will do. " While current expression of such sentiments might differ, we commonly follow this practice in many early childhood classrooms. Adults often use simple words instead of complex words when talking to young children. Reasons vary from teach-ers' beliefs that young children cannot(More)
Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in linguistics and first and second language acquisition. Direct IES-funded project to study preschoolers' language development from story reading and play. Collaborate on preschool efforts for Vanderbilt-Abu Dhabi exemplary school. PI for Peabody small research grant to study inferential thinking in young children.(More)
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