Molly C. Kellogg

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Behavior change theories and models, validated within the field of dietetics, offer systematic explanations for nutrition-related behavior change. They are integral to the nutrition care process, guiding nutrition assessment, intervention, and outcome evaluation. The American Dietetic Association Evidence Analysis Library Nutrition Counseling Workgroup(More)
Compliance with screening mammography recommendations is low. Consequently, a community-wide program offering $50 mammograms at 29 radiology facilities was implemented. The program was promoted on a local TV news show and women 35 years and older were instructed to call a referral phone bank. If the caller met eligibility criteria, she received an(More)
Human neural progenitors derived from pluripotent stem cells develop into electrophysiologically active neurons at heterogeneous rates, which can confound disease-relevant discoveries in neurology and psychiatry. By combining patch clamping, morphological and transcriptome analysis on single-human neurons in vitro, we defined a continuum of poor to highly(More)
In this study, we evaluated the efficacy of co-worker-delivered reminders to perform breast self-examination (BSE). Before participating in a BSE training workshop, subjects (n = 36) were randomly assigned in pairs (of co-workers who registered together) to one of two experimental conditions: contract or control. Subjects in the contract condition, after(More)
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