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In this paper, we present an efficient finite-state machine implementation of the Hoshen-Kopelman cluster identification algorithm using the nearest-eight neighborhood rule suitable to applications such as computer modeling for landscape ecology. The implementation presented in this study was tested using both actual land cover maps, as well as randomly(More)
Recent studies on the epidemiology of the inner-ear disorder Ménière's disease (MD) use disparate methods for sample selection, case identification and length of observation. Prevalence estimates vary geographically from 17 to 513 cases per 100,000 people. We explored the impact of case detection strategies and observation periods in estimating the(More)
BACKGROUND Traditional cohort studies are important contributors to our understanding of inflammatory bowel diseases, but they are labor intensive and often do not focus on patient-reported outcomes. Internet-based studies provide new opportunities to study patient-reported outcomes and can be efficiently implemented and scaled. If a traditional cohort(More)
Abrahams, S. Using a phonological framework to describe errors of orally trained hearing-impaired school aged children. Professionals' attitudes towards provision for hearing-impaired children. A The vowel formants of deaf and normal-hearing eleven-fourteen-year-old boys. disintegration in a five year old following sudden hearing loss.
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