Molly A. Murphy

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Attentional deficits and hyperactivity frequently are major problems for fra(X) boys. This study evaluated the effectiveness of 2 stimulant medications, methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine compared to placebo in 15 children (13 males, 2 females) with the fra(X) syndrome. A double-blind crossover design was used with outcome measures which included parent(More)
Examined the reliability, construct, and concurrent validity of the Parenting Scale (PS), a brief instrument designed to measure dysfunctional parenting practices for parents of young children. In Study 1, 183 primarily African American mothers and their Head Start children completed the PS. The PS, which consists of 3 subscales--Laxness, Overreactivity,(More)
Pain is generally recognized as being influenced by multiple psychological factors. Cognitive experiential therapy may use cognitive restructuring with imagery and hypnosis. The restructuring of negative cognitive, affective, behavioral, and physiological states occurs through six stages. This case study illustrates the use of cognitive restructuring and(More)
The Million Behavioral Health Inventory was administered to 67 individuals with chronic low back pain who participated in a rehabilitation program on pain and stress. Base-rate scores from the 20 scales, submitted to cluster analysis using Ward's minimum variance method, gave four subtypes. Discriminant analysis accurately classified 98.51% of the sample.(More)
As part of a longitudinal study of children with congenital rubella syndrome, 53 adolescents between 16 and 18 years of age were surveyed to determine their health and educational status. The findings were compared with those at the 18-months evaluation. At 16 to 18 years neurosensory impairments, cerebral dysfunction and organic behaviour syndromes were(More)
This study replicated Types I and II of Berzins, Ross, English and Haley's (1974) initial typological research with a drug dependent sample. In this research, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) profiles of 447 drug dependent men were submitted to Johnson's (1967) hierarchical clustering procedure. The hierarchical clustering procedure(More)
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