Mollie Pleau

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Recent studies have shown that normal human alveolar macrophages and blood monocytes, as well as HL-60 and U937 monocyte cell lines, newly express IL-2R after stimulation with rIFN-gamma or LPS. In addition, macrophages transiently express IL-2R in vivo during immunologically mediated diseases such as pulmonary sarcoidosis and allograft rejection. We(More)
The present work confirms previous observations made by others that heat shock is followed by a period of protection against tissue injury. Furthermore, this protection against associated with HSP 72 production. We have identified some detrimental effects of heat shock as a technique for induction of the HSR. Clearly there exists in living tissues a highly(More)
We propose a new technique for radio interferometry to obtain superresolution full-polarization images in all four Stokes parameters using sparse modeling. The proposed technique reconstructs the image in each Stokes parameter from the corresponding full-complex Stokes visibilities by utilizing two regularization functions: the l1 norm and the total(More)
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