Molla R. Islam

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An investigation is conducted of the possibility of reconstructing images of current dipoles in a volume conductor from data obtained by the magnetoacoustic technique. A modified form of the algebraic reconstruction technique (ART) is used. Reconstruction results of simulated data show that it is possible to find the location, relative magnitude, and(More)
Joining dissimilar metals has recently become very popular in industries because of the advantages associated with the weld joint. This paper focuses on an investigation of mechanical and material properties, and the optimization of mechanical properties in resistance spot welding methods in lap configurations between AISI 301 stainless steel and AISI 1020(More)
Responsive polymer-based materials have found numerous applications due to their ease of synthesis and the variety of stimuli that they can be made responsive to. In this review, we highlight the group's efforts utilizing thermoresponsive poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) (pNIPAm) microgel-based optical devices for various sensing and biosensing applications.
This study reports the numerical analyses of a CO 2 transcritical cycle on solar assisted heat pump water heating system in which evacuated tube U-pipe solar collector is utilized as an evaporator. This simulation model can predict operating characteristics for moderate meteorological conditions of North Dakota. The main purpose of this work is to simulate(More)
One hundred germplasm lines were evaluated for variation in morphological and agronomic traits for selection of cultivar potentially suitable for growing in Bangladesh under rice-based cropping systems during the fallow period after kharif II season. A wide range of variation was found in twelve quantitative plant traits. The most important correlations(More)
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