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Cloud computing is a model delivery of infrastructure, platform and software services over the net. The lack of standardization of heterogeneous Cloud service descriptions makes service discovery and selection very complex tasks for Cloud users. To ease this complexity, it is crucial to describe the various Cloud service pertinent information in a(More)
The lack of standardized descriptions of cloud services hinders their discovery. In an effort to standardize cloud service descriptions, several works propose to use ontologies. Nevertheless, the adoption of any of the proposed ontologies calls for an evaluation to show its efficiency in cloud service discovery. Indeed, the existing cloud providers(More)
A configurable process model is a generic model from which an enterprise can derive and execute process variants that meet its specific needs and contexts. With the advent of cloud computing and its economic pay-per-use model, enterprises are increasingly outsourcing partially or totally their process variants to cloud providers, and recently to cloud(More)
A BP is a series of logically related tasks implemented by a set of applications/services performed together to produce a defined set of results. The cloud resources scheduling to BP tasks is a difficult problem. Due that, first, it considers the dependencies and communication between tasks within a BP. Second, it takes into account several objectives like(More)
We propose a MDA based approach for designing secure mobile agent systems. First, we define a meta-model which extends the UML deployment diagram by concepts related to the security and mobility of multi-agent systems. We propose also a UML profile as an implementation of this meta-model. Second, we project the application model into AGLETS-specific model,(More)
Cloud federation systems have recently emerged as a scalable delivery model that interconnects services from two or more cloud providers for load balancing and accommodating spikes in demand. One challenge in this delivery model is the complexity of service selection due to the heterogeneity of cloud service descriptions among cloud federations. To overcome(More)
Security policies and mobility concepts in MAS  Security rules play a relevant role in MAS, but  They are often only an afterthought during the development process  Managing these rules in ad-hoc manner negatively affects the quality of the system  Mobile Agents  Migrate through the network from one location to another  Be closer to services and(More)
Nowadays, cloud computing is an emerging technology thanks to its ability to provide on-demand computing services (hardware and software) with less description standardization effort. Multiple issues and challenges in discovering cloud services appear due to the lack of the cloud service description standardization. In fact, the existing cloud providers(More)
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