Moli Huang

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Single nucleotide polymorphisms located at miRNA-binding sites are likely to affect the expression of the miRNA targets and may contribute to the susceptibility of humans to common diseases. Here we selected 289 candidate Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) related genes according to the existing literature and database. We identified putative miRNA-binding(More)
B7-H3 is an immune co-stimulatory molecule of the B7 family that contains a set of immunoglobulin-V (IgV) and immunoglobulin-C (IgC) domains. To explore the evolutionary process of B7-H3 gene, we conducted a genome-wide structure and phylogenetic analysis of B7-H3 genes in currently sequenced genomes. On the basis of the available data, 17 mammalian B7-H3(More)
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