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Wealth distribution based on classic sugarscape model leads to a population increase and the Gini coefficient decrease when cooperation and communication parameters are taken into account. In another study, this model was developed by implying a receipt of one-fifth of the assets of the population and derived utilization for poor people. The results showed(More)
In present PET/CT scanners, PET attenuation correction is performed by relying on the information given by CT scan. In the CT-based attenuation correction methods, dual-energy technique (DECT) is the most accurate approach, which has been limited due to the increasing patient dose. In this feasibility study, we have introduced a new method that can(More)
Time-of-flight (TOF) positron emission tomography (PET) was studied and preliminarily developed in the 80s, but the lack of a scintillator able to deliver proper time resolution and stopping power at the same time had prevented it becoming viable technique. Today newly discovered scintillators with greater light yield and/or stopping power, along with(More)
INTRODUCTION Particle-emitting, bone-seeking radiopharmaceuticals have attracted the attention of the nuclear medicine community over the last three decades for the treatment of the pain of osteoblastic metastases. The objectives of this research were to produce quality-controlled (159)Gd-EDTMP in order to provide a new therapeutic radiopharmaceutical for(More)
Introduction Dose calculation of tumor and surrounding tissues is essential during prostate brachytherapy. Three radioisotopes, namely, 125 I, 103 Pd, and 131 Cs, are extensively used in this method. In this study, we aimed to calculate the received doses by the prostate and critical organs using the aforementioned radioactive seeds and to investigate the(More)
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