Mojtaba Radmard

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In this paper, a new method for making v/uv decision is developed which uses a multi-feature v/uv classification algorithm based on the analysis of cepstral peak, zero crossing rate, and autocorrelation function (ACF) peak of short-time segments of the speech signal by using some clustering methods. This v/uv classifier achieved excellent results for(More)
It is a well known fact that using multiple antennas at transmit and receive sides improves the detection performance. However, in such multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) configuration, proper positioning of transmitters and receivers is a big challenge that can have significant influence on the performance of the overall system. In addition, determining(More)
Applying the recently emerged technique, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) to PCL (Passive Coherent Location) is expected to improve performance of localization schemes. In this paper, we explore the application of MIMO technology to PCL schemes and see how it improves the spatial diversity of such systems. Specifically, we use the DVB-T stations as the(More)
A new method for identifying voiced and unvoiced speech region is proposed. Voiced/unvoiced speech detection is needed to extract information from the speech signal and it is important in the area of speech analysis. Voiced and unvoiced speech region has been identified using Short Term Processing (STP) in this paper. Short Term Processing of speech has(More)
Based on the sparsity idea, the recently developed technique of compressive sensing (CS) is shown to be able to reduce significantly the need for huge amount of data and high sampling rates. On the other hand, moving target indication (MTI) processing has long been known in the traditional pulse radars to be able to detect weak signals of moving targets.(More)
One of the important obstacles in MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) radars is the issue of designing proper transmit signals. Indeed, the capability of signal design is a significant advantage in MIMO radars, through which, the system can achieve much better performance. Many different aspects of this performance improvement have been considered yet,(More)
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