Mojtaba Mirsalim

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Dynamic behavior analysis of electric motors is required in order to accurately evaluate the performance, energy consumption and pollution level of hybrid electric vehicles. Simulation tools for hybrid electric vehicles are divided into steady state and dynamic models. Tools with steady-state models are useful for system-level analysis whereas tools that(More)
In this paper, an antilock–antiskid braking system controller, which has been designed for stability enhancement of vehicles during braking and turning, is presented. Using available signals, a novel structure is proposed for vehicle stability improvement for critical driving conditions such as braking on slippery or µ-split road surfaces. In conventional(More)
Axial structures of the hysteresis motors, similar to the other axial types of electrical machines, have some outstanding characteristics with regard to radial structures, such as higher torque-to-weight ratio, excellent efficiency, adjustable airgap, and balanced rotor-stator attractive forces. Since the accurate measurement of the hysteresis machine(More)