Mojtaba Mazoochi

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In this paper we propose a novel totally WiMAX-based architecture for large scale wireless broadband access. To provision scalable QoS, nodes' traffic should be managed locally. This is achieved through adding some gateway nodes which consequently leads to some cost. In order to realize the proposed architecture, intelligent node placement is primordial(More)
Scalability, decentralized processing time and power and also eliminating the single point of failure are some of the benefits of using peer to peer systems for management purposes. There has been little effort on formulating or evaluating different important factors of network management in P2P management networks. As an important factor wepsilave focused(More)
Computational grids have provided the usage of computational distributed resources for computation intensive applications. The development of programs that use these capabilities is one of the challenging issues for grid computing. In this article, an effort has been made to solve this problem by presenting mobile-agent-based parallel programming on the(More)
Todays, there is an industry demand in telecommunication networks to provide a full-featured, commercially available, scalable and non-proprietary network management solution, where multi-vendor, multi-technology management systems interoperate in an open architecture environment. This paper presents a novel architecture to enable system interaction in(More)