Mojtaba Khorrami

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We propose a model universe, in which the dimension of the space is a continuous variable, which can take any real positive number. The dynamics leads to a model in which the universe has no singularity. The difference between our model and the standard Friedman-Robertson-Walker models become effective for times much before the presently accepted age of the(More)
We consider a multi-species generalization of the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process on an open chain, in which particles hop with their characteristic hopping rates and fast particles can overtake slow ones. The number of species is arbitrary and the hopping rates can be selected from a discrete or continuous distribution. We determine exactly the phase(More)
Thymus daenensis is an aromatic medicinal plant endemic to Iran. We used inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers to detect genetic polymorphism in this herb using 17 T. daenensis accessions collected from different geographic regions in Iran. The 15 primers chosen for analysis revealed 256 bands, of which 228 (88.9%) were polymorphic. Jaccard’s(More)
Yarrow (Achillea millefoilum L.) is an important medicinal plant with different medicinal and ornamental uses. In this study, SSR markers were developed for the first time from the genome A. millefolium using the slightly modified Hamilton protocol. Three yarrow genomic libraries were constructed, enriched for microsatellite motifs AG, AC and ATG. A total(More)
Due to precise evaluation of genetic diversity of Carthamus species, sixty-two genotypes consisting fifty-two from five wild (C. oxyacanthus M. Bieb, C. lanatus L., C. dentatus Vahl, C. boissieri Halácsy, C. glaucus M.B.) and ten from cultivated species (C. tinctorius L.) were selected for evaluation of the genetic diversity in Carthamus species. A total of(More)
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